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Operating Temperature0~55 Degree C ( 32~131 Degree F)
Voltage Input12 VDC / 24 VDC (per Magnet)
Current Draw12V / 500mA ; 24V / 250mA (+-5%)
Holding ForceUp to 1200 lbs x2 (545 kg x2)
Hall Effect ContactSPDT rated 2A at 24 VDC
Magnetic Contact Rating28 VDC, 0.2A, 5W
Anti-Rust Surface TreatmentBlue Zinc Plating
Operating Humidity0~95% ( non condensing)
Weight ( Magnet)5.0 kg (+-1%)
Dimensions(L)532x(W)67x(T)39 mm

The BEL 1200 series electromagnetic locks are KNOWN with its excellent holding force and theremarkable features.The series compliance to CE and PSB Test aremanufactured under the highest quality control toachieve the commitment to customer who alwayssatisfied with maximum quality and reliability.

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